Update from the Parish Council relating to the Manor Farm planning applications

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Response sent to the transport documents re the above applications:-

Final Transport Document Jan 21  pdf

Final Transport Document Jan 21 docx


Subject: Manor Farm planning applications .


The Parish Council are keeping a track on these proposed developments within the Parish, as they are major planning applications for our small Parish. We have requested an update on the applications and the response from the Planning Officer dealing with the applications at Shropshire Council has advised the following:-


“At the present time, and without prejudice to indicating what the final officer recommendations may be on these applications, and independent review is being sought of the financial viability case put forward. This is to look at whether the claimed costs of establishing a new pig farm operation comparable in size to that capable of operating from the existing site , were there not the  harmful amenity effects , realistic; whether the costs of re-developing the existing pig farm site for residential development are a true reflection of the likely development costs; and whether the magnitude of the proposed residential development would be the minimum necessary as ‘enabling development’, without an additional profit being generated for the landowner and operator of the pig farming enterprise.


The version of the viability statement which is viewable to the public is redacted for reasons relating to commercial sensitivity and data protection, but the Consultants appointed by the Council will be able to view this information on a confidential basis.

It will be some time before these applications will be ready to go to Committee and I cannot give you a date at present.”


The Parish Council remains opposed to these three planning applications and continues to raise their concerns with the Planning Authority , Shropshire Council .

Residents can also continue to raise any issues with the Planning Authority . The relevant Planning officer , Richard Fortune , can be contacted directly on his email address – richard.fortune@shropshire.gov.uk , or alternatively you can contact your Ward Member , Councillor Kevin Turley  on Kevin.Turley@shropshire.gov.uk .


As we here more we will keep you informed.

Copies of correspondence sent and received to the Planning Department on this matter:-

Letter Re Manor Farm Barns Sent By Sheriffhales Parish Council Web 

Letter Re Manor Farm Barns Sent By Sheriffhales Parish Council Web pdf

Response received

Response Richard Fortune   pdf

Response Richard Fortune  docx