Electors rights notice for Audit 2021-22

The Parish Council have completed their year end accounts and the notice to publicise the completion is below.

The full accounts document is under the Finance heading of this website.



Including the communities of Sheriffhales, Lilyhurst, Burlington, Heath Hill,

Weston Heath, Redhill and Chadwell

Clerk to the Council:  Miss Jennifer Cree, 35 Kingsford Park, Hobro Lane, Wolverley, DY11 5TA
Telephone: 07512292579. Email: clerk@sheriffhalesparishcouncil.uk

Website: www.sheriffhalesparishcouncil.uk






Parish Council name: __Sheriffhales Parish Council__________


The Parish Council must inform the electorate of an exact 30 working day period during which public rights may be exercised. This is inclusive of the start and finish dates.


The inspection period must commence no later than 1 July 2022.

The elector’s rights must start EXACTLY one day after the annual return has been published on your website (or other free to access website used by the Council) with the statutory notice at Attachment 3.2. Publication of the annual return must be as soon as practical after the unaudited annual return has been approved by the Parish Council.


Working days are defined as Monday – Friday. They do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.



The inspection period commences on: ___1st June 2022____________________

And ends on: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­____18th July 2022_____________________________________



Signed:___J S Cree____________________________  Date:_____11/5/22_____________



Position held:_____Clerk / RFO_____________________________________________



Smart Water Packs for Residents

The Parish Council have purchased a Smartwater pack for every residence within the Parish of Sheriffhales.


The remaining packs that have not been requested or sent out from the Parish Magazines mailing list have been sent to each household within the Parish.


If you receive a pack, there is a note within explaining everything, but the packs need to be registered.  Therefore if you can forward via email, text or phone message your name, full address and the bar code number on the liquid, we will register the pack for you.